Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry


What is the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry?

Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aide RegistryBecoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA) can be a rewarding process. Certified CNA work in nursing homes and other healthcare facilities, providing basic quality of life care for elderly or disabled people who cannot do so themselves.

To become a certified nurse assistant in Louisiana, you must do a course of training and a state-approved competency evaluation program. Once candidates pass the state licensing exam, they receive their certifications (which must be renewed every two years) and become listed as certified on the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.

This registry is managed by the Louisiana Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators, which oversees the licensing of nursing home administrators.

The Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry contains basic information about all CNAs whose certification is currently valid in Louisiana. In addition, it also contains information about CNAs who used to be certified, but who certifications expired. The fields listed in the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry are:

• Name (CNA)

• Certification Number (a 5-6 digit identifying number)

• Certified From – To (the dates between which the CNA was certified, including dates in the future)

• Original Certification (the date that the CNA was originally certified on)

• Status (whether or not the CNA is currently certified)

Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aidee Registry Certification Test to Retain• Retest Required By (the date by which a CNA has to retake their certification test to retain certification)

By knowing the name, birthdate, and/or social security number of a CNA, you can look them up in the registry and find out their certification number or dates relevant to their certification.

Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

To look up a CNA in the registry, it is helpful to know as much specific information about them as possible. The lookup function allows you to input one or all of these fields:

•CNA or DSW (a DSW is an unlicensed personal care worker)

•First name

•Middle name

•Last name

•Social security #

•Date of birth

If you only know the person’s first name, searching it will bring up every CNA with that name of any variation of that name. For example, entering “Jane” brings up hundreds of entries that include Jane, Janete, Janelle, Janet, Janeicia, and other variations.

Because the registry contains every single CNA who was ever certified in Louisiana, knowing or entering only a first name probably won’t be very helpful. It is necessary to know a person’s first and last name, and preferably their date of birth, in order to find them in the registry.

Tips for Using the Louisiana Nurse Aidee Registry Personal Care WorkerKnowing the social security number of the person is the most helpful piece of info, as it is different for every single person. If you happen to know the social security number of the person who are looking for, searching it will pinpoint that person’s entry in the registry.

All in all, using the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry is helpful if you know specific info about the person you are looking for, especially their social security number or some combination of their name and birthdate.

It is less helpful if you are trying to find one Jane among hundreds of Janes, Janets, and Janelles, as it would be easy to choose the wrong person by accident.