School Nurse Certification

How to Earn a School Nurse Certification

school nurse certificationIf you are a nurse who likes working with children, why not earn a school nurse certification that will qualify you to apply your skills in an educational setting? School nurses provide primary health care to students within a particular school or school district, giving them first aid and emergency care when necessary. To become a school nurse, you must be a registered nurse who passes the NCLEX-RN exam. While earning a school nurse certification is not strictly required for one to be employed as a school nurse, since certification is purely voluntary, being certified will make it easier for you to find a job. Many employers will also not consider hiring a nurse unless she is certified.

You can earn certification through the National Board for Certification of School Nurses. To qualify for certification from the NBCSN, a nurse must have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related health care field, has a valid RN license and be currently employed or have a minimum of three years work experience working in a school health position. Note that even if you are not currently working in the school health field, you can still earn a school nurse certification if you have the required amount of work top school nurse certificationexperience in the relevant field.

The NBCSN offers its school nurse certification exam twice a year, in the summer and winter, which consists of 250 multiple choice questions on topics such as nursing management, special nursing issues and health promotion. To prepare, the candidate can take the NBCSN online practice test, which consists of 75 questions, to get a feel for the exam. NBCSN school nurse certification is valid for five years, after which the school nurse must take a recertification exam as proof that she has stayed current on the latest developments in her field, or provide proof of completion of continuing education with at least 75 credits.