Prerequisites for Nursing

Info on Prerequisites for Nursing

Prerequisites for NursingIf you are planning to work in a hospital and become a nurse, you must be ready to extend your tender loving care to your patients. Nursing is a profession that needs formalized education as a strong foundation to perform efficiently as a health care professional. Nurses promote preventive measures, conduct interventions and health teachings, help in surgeries, support rehabilitation programs and assist the elderly and dying. If you really want to pursue a career in nursing, you must have a sound mind and body, and know the prerequisites for nursing in order to qualify.

The prerequisites for nursing vary from school to school, the nursing student must have the exact amount of credits or units in your minor subjects to be eligible in nursing. The list of the prerequisites for nursing are stated below:

ü          General Psychology – 3 units

ü          Microbiology and Parasitology – 4 units

ü          Human Anatomy and Physiology – 6 to 8 units

ü          Nutrition and Dietetics – 4 units

ü          General Inorganic Chemistry – 5 units

ü          Sociology-Anthropology – 3 units

ü          Statistics – 3 units

standard Prerequisites for NursingIf you are a transferee or you’ve shifted from another course, you can ask the help of the Admission’s office or the Registrar to transfer units from your previous college, making it sure that it is an accredited school, some subjects may be credited in the prerequisites for nursing. Don’t also hesitate to talk with the Guidance Counselor in the school because he/she has a vast knowledge about the admission policies and guidelines, he/she will be more than willing to explain to you in details the requirements you’ll need in the prerequisites for nursing and guides you in completely understanding the expectations needed in the nursing course.

You must complete the prerequisites for nursing to be able to proceed with the nursing program. Don’t ever skip or miss out your classes to avoid reenrollment of the subject/s and will not cause further delays in achieving your dream of becoming a nurse.