Nursing Certifications List

Choosing Your Certification from a Recognized Nursing Certifications List

nursing certification listIf you are planning to earn certification, the nursing certifications list of qualifications is not that long. To earn qualification from a recognized certification organization, the nursing certifications list of requirements include having successfully completed an accredited nursing course as well as having a certain amount of work experience and/or being currently employed as a nurse in the field in which you want to work. Note that certification is a purely voluntary process, but being certified makes you more likely to be employed in higher-paying positions with more responsibility. Certification is available from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a nationally-recognized organization.

Before you apply for certification from the ANCC, you should visit their website and look at the nursing certifications list of recognized credentials to see if you qualify. There are various levels of certification that you can earn based on your educational qualifications. Choose the certification nursing certification list - ANCCthat you meet the requirements for from the nursing certifications list and sign up for the exam, which generally consists of multiple-choice questions on a variety of topics relevant to nursing and health care practice. Prepare for the exam by taking practice exams and reviewing the topics covered. Since the exams are given under time pressure, you might also want to practice by asking a friend to time you while you take a sample exam.

If you are planning to specialize in a particular field of nursing practice, you can choose from a list of recognized specializations. There are some 200 specializations and subspecialties that are recognized by the different certifying organizations, and choosing to specialize will greatly enhance your professional prospects as well as generally increasing your earning power. Earning a specialized certification from a recognized nursing certifications list will also qualify you for administrative or managerial positions with a greater level of responsibility and a higher salary.