Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Nurse Aide Registry

nurse aide registry hotline1. How can I see what is on the registry about me?

You are allowed to request information regarding your status with the nurse aide registry. Each state will have its own office and contact information. If you want a hard copy of the report, in most cases, you will be required to pay somewhere around $25 and send the request in writing, of course each states fees may vary. This is within your legal rights. Keep in mind, if there has been a hotline call or report made about yourself your employer will have copies of this as well.

2. What is the grace period and how is it calculated?

Yes, there is a grace period of four months. Basically what this means is that if you have not registered with your states nurse aide registry and are seeking employment, your new employer has four months to add you to their payroll and use you as an employee. Your grace period begins your first day of work. This allows for you and your employer to report the new employment and get the proper nurse aide registry application submitted.

3. If I am on the registry, can I lose my right to work?

Yes. By law you will have 24 months to find employment and become a part of payroll before that time frame. If you’re unable to gain monetary employment before that time you will have to become reinstated and go through the training, testing and application process all over again.

4. Will a W2 work as a form of documentation for proof of income?

No, unfortunately one cannot use their W-2 as proof of employment for monetary gain solely because the W-2 will not show what your duties and responsibilities were at the nursing home or medical building.

nurse aide registry copy5. Can I transfer my registration certificate to another state?

Yes, most states will allow you to transfer your certification. If you know ahead of time where it is you are moving and where you are working you can go ahead and contact that local nurse aide registry and offer your information to get the process going. Check with your current state and that of the one you are planning to relocate to.

Now that you understand a little about the different responsibilities and duties of the registry office it is also recommended to contact your local office to get more specific questions answered. It is important to know who to contact if by chance you become a part of any form of allegation or investigation. And remember, yes you are within your rights to request copies of your file.

nurse aide registryNurse aide registry databases and offices were created to protect everyone involved. It is nearly impossible with today’s technology to keep secrets, or not get the information one may need about another. But when there is a direct registry available, you are encouraged to utilize the information and help that the office staff may be able to offer. Knowing what is in your own file will be a great advantage when it comes time to applying and interviewing for different positions.