Nurse Aide Registry

Understanding the Nurse Aide Registry

nurse aide registry programIf you work in the nursing industry or in the nursing home industry you may already be familiar with the nurse aide registry. For those of you are not familiar with the registry and have great interest in working as a nurse aide it is important that you get educated in the certification process, know the laws, and understand what the registry has to offer both employers and nurses.

The nurse aide registry offers a safety net for employers looking to hire new nurse aides or other individuals who will be working with patients or within their facilities.  It also keeps a record of all nurse assistants who have been certified by the state. Each state in the United States has its own registry and it is usually managed by the state’s Department of Health.. This was created as a way to protect everyone involved.

nurse aide registry dept of healthOne great advantage of the registry is that nursing homes and other potential employers can register and log in as needed to check for references of their applicants. This allows them to see if there were any complaints, investigations or charges on the applicant. Often times this will include elderly abuse, neglect and drug charges. This will vary from state to state as well. And yes, if you would like to relocate, the records can be sent across state lines and often times, will be required.

When you look at the startling statistics, you will see why it is so crucial to have this form of database. It protects the employers, the staff and overall the patients within each facility. Last year alone there was an average of 80 employees banned in over 25 states from working in nursing homes in their home states. And thousands of individuals have been identified as having preyed on nursing home residents over the years. Employers would not know this if the nurse aide registry was not available.

Nurse Aide Registry State Requirements

nurse aide registry mapEach state will have its own record of the individuals and what is to be expected of nurse aides and their employers. Often times it is required by the state for nursing facilities and extended-stay homes to have a manual on hand for employers and employees to use as a reference at a moment’s notice. A lot of times the state nurse aide registry requirements are also found in the state manuals as well. These rules below are a general basis for nurse aide federal requirements.

If it has been more than 24 months since an individual has worked as a nurse’s aide or taken the necessary exams for continued licensing than these are the requirements that will be necessary to remain active:

  1. Prove that they have worked at least 7.5 consecutive hours or 8 hours in a 48-hour timeframe within a nursing home, or other nursing based occupation for an income within the last 24 months.
  2. Complete all required state certification requirements.